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The Cosmic Visions Workshop
uses science and visualizations
to view Nature
from different perspectives.

Our goal will be to
deepen one's relationship with Nature,

and ultimately to experience one-ness.

Your Nature trips will be transformed
into profoundly ecstatic experiences.



You're probably a busy person, let me save you a ton of time reading this webpage and its links.  If the answer to either of following 2 questions is "Nope," then stop reading, this workshop is not for you.  Both questions involve the interaction of your brain with the redwoods:

(1)  Are you crazily in love with the redwood forests and the Humboldt beaches?  And do you fervently desire to deepen that relationship even more?

(2)  Are you either:
a)  a right-brain spiritual-seeker/ athlete/ artist/ lover type of person who senses that new age "wisdom" about science is not so wise, and you intuit that it would be of great value to you to find a knowlegeable scientist who is capable of apprecating the right-brain, and who can thus present science in a challenging but understandable way . . . science that allows you to grok your position in the Universe, and science which is relevant for your spiritual quest?

OR are you a
b)  left-brain science type who is eager to hear startlingly clear ideas in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, cosmology, and brain research . . . but even more strongly you feel the yearnings of your right brain to throw off the 24/7 dictatorship of your analytic mind . . . i.e. you want to broaden your full human approach to life?

If you can answer YES to (1)
and YES to either 2 (a) or 2 (b), then read on . . .



The next workshop will span 4 Sunday afternoons, each session will last from 1pm to approximately 7pm.  (The exact dates of our next workshop will be posted here when they are determined.)

If you read through this webpage & its links, and you are still interested in the workshop, sign up with Center Activities.  The cost is $15 for HSU students and $20 for all others.   Credit-card reservations can be made at 826-3357, or go in person to Center Activities underneath the bookstore.  The workshop always fills up in advance, the room is always completely full, so pre-enroll -- don't even imagine you'll be able to sign up at the door.

This workshop's connection to true seekers counts on word of mouth.  If you know people who are ideal candidates for this workshop, please give them this website address.


Tried Unsuccesfully to Enroll?

Quite a few folks attempted to enroll in earlier sessions.  If you were one of the ones turned away, thank you very much for your interest.  It's great that Humboldt has so many sincere seekers.

I will be offering the workshop again, as described above.

Enroll in advance to avoid being turned away.




Our meetings consist of Power Point presentations designed to shake your present relationship with Nature.  There will be two 10 minute breaks each afternoon, then the intense immersion begins anew.

Assignments will be made for the period between lecture days -- students will be expected to wander off into their favorites spots in Nature, practice their visualizations, have life-changing mystical experiences, roll on the ground in ecstatic pleasure, etc.

An extensive website, produced by the teacher, will be available to enrolled people during the workshop.  The gorgeous imagery is designed to get the students deeper into Nature and deeper into their visualizations.  It is crucial that participants have access to a fast internet connection (to make use of the workshop's website).

Give Center Activities your working email address -- the teacher will send folks who enroll early a welcoming/orientation email, with some important early pieces of the website material.








The physical environment you are immersed in
(from electron-clouds to
. . . cerebral neurons to . . . forests
to. . . multi-Universes)
has important messages
that are relevant in
your search for meaning in your life.
Would you like to learn and deeply feel these messages?

This workshop will be filled to the brim with science
-- hard-core research-based science,
not the flimsy pseudo-science that is presented in some new-age workshops.  
This science will be presented with passion
and at a level accessible
to anyone who is hungry for knowledge
and who has begun college.  




While 95% of our time will be spent
presenting science,
we will never lose sight of our main goal
-- to continuously explore
how this knowledge can
profoundly deepen your experiences in Nature,
and also your personal spiritual quest. 


Interspersed with our science concepts
we'll be doing visualization exercises
to demonstrate how you can
incorporate our new visions
into your own Natural Trippin'.



At the end of this workshop,

head out into your favorite Humboldt natural environment.  

You'll feel,

like you have never done before,

the movement of electron clouds in your body, and

the magical process of our cousins the trees being energized by the

photons from our Mother Sun.



You'll feel the Earth
moving under your feet.


You'll understand,
and feel,

your intimate relationship
to the stars.






You'll feel

the Energy of the Big Bang

coursing through both


and all the

natural dances around you.

You'll feel

the immensity of

Our Universe


your place within it.





Our goal is to give ourselves a perspective shift --

away from the dualistic left-brain's thought patterns.

By tasting other perspectives,
including the Great Oneness,

we can then embrace and transcend
both the relative and the Absolute.

We can learn to walk in the forests,
deal with our daily lives,
or sit in meditation,

as fully functional human beings

-- able to access various
personal and transcendental perspectives at will.




Come alert and open,

and ready to rejoice

in our existence

as amazing organisms

immersed in an exquisite Universe.



This workshop can deliver a lot
for those willing to put
both their minds and hearts into the exploration.

It will require a commitment on your part,
to lift your Energy level
so you get maximum enrichment
from a 17 hour intense exposure to science.  



The one HUGE question that you must face immediately is
whether you have a deep, true, desire to really understand Nature at its deepest level.

The media and American culture are ABYSMALLY ignorant of the underlying physical basis of our existence.  
It's sad, because such knowledge (if taught with wonder) would lead to much ecological and spiritual evolution in our society.  

Are you ready to do the needed work to leave the herd?  Are you ready to free yourself from your mind-chains?

If you are, I most warmly welcome you as your teacher/companion in our journey on this wonderful physical plane of existence.









Our workshop's visualization exercises will combine
with your new left-brain understanding of Nature’s wonders,
to enable you, and encourage you,
to have even more intense right-brain experiences in Nature.

You'll immediately be experiencing more and more natural highs

-- sometimes clouds and moons,
waves and galaxies
will merge
to give you a powerful feeling
of the unifying beauty of Nature around you.




You will realize
the intimate kinship between yourself, the Stars,
and all of Nature.

You'll no longer feel
like an outside observer
enjoying Nature;
you'll deeply sense that

you are the part of Nature
which is capable of watching and enjoying itself

Walks in Nature
will become
joyful, profoundly meaningful
re-unions with your essence.












A few weeks ago
a local newspaper carried a story about
some folks who were
leaving Humboldt County after having decided
to take the Cosmic Visions Workshop.

Did you see the photo in that article?

Gee, I dunno, maybe I'm not being objective,
but they don't seem that happy about their decision.



The journalist did manage to interview one HSU senior who had decided to graduate and leave without doing the Cosmic Visions Workshop.   As I recall, his name was Mr. Gollum Smeagol.

He claimed that he used to be quite normal and happy before making the decision to skip the workshop.

After that, apparently, things went downhill fast.

It was kinda sad -- the guy kept hopping from rock to rock, drooling, and murmuring to himself :

"My precious Cosmic Visions,
where's my precious Cosmic Visions?"

It's just a hunch on my part, but he seemed a bit troubled by his decision.










Dr. Stone Brusca graduated Summa Cum Laude, was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa elite national honor society,
earned an unprecedented
3 U.C. Regents Fellowships in graduate school,
was awarded a
PhD in Physics from U.C. Santa Barbara
while ranked as the #1 student
in every graduate course taken
(overall G.P.A. exceeded 4.0).  


After several years of
teaching graduate Physics at UC Santa Barbara and having promising research possibilities,
he decided to redirect his career.    


He found his true fulfillment lay in conveying,
to non-physics people,
cutting-edge research in astrophysics and quantum mechanics.  


Combining this career decision
with his passion to live in a sacred forest,
he came to Humboldt State University,
where he earned tenure
and a Full Professorship.  


His general education course at HSU
received such acclaim that it was
featured in the monthly magazine
at FermiLab
-- the U.S.'s largest particle accelerator.


He has written three textbooks (Meteorology, Astronomy, and Astrophysics/Cosmology).


He was given H.S.U.'s Outstanding Professor award, for his work in General Education science.


He became a zen buddhist
in his graduate-school days,
and now practices zen and vipassana buddhism.

In each moment,
he attempts to explore the mystery of
human consciousness in the Cosmos. 


He fervently feels that
science offers vistas
that can significantly deepen
one's experience of Nature,
and enliven one's spiritual quest.




Wouldn't it be good to get information that allows you to truly see if you and a workshop are a good fit?  It avoids the awful problem of showing up at a workshop that isn't at all what you wanted.
It also avoids the even-more awful problem of there being a workshop that might have changed your life, but you weren't aware it was what you wanted.  

So, . . . what more information would help you at this point?  Hopefully from the page above you have gained a sense of the workshop's flavor.  But so far you haven't been given many specific details.  Undoubtedly such details would be helpful to you;  here are two links that will give you everything you need.  Best wishes in deciding whether to sign up or not!


Specific Topics
Covered in the Cosmic Visions Workshop




Even if you do not have questions, if you are highly interested in this workshop you can get a significantly better feel for it by reading the FAQ's.

Note:  the FAQs link below will be read by people who are quite concerned about the rigor of the workshop,
or about their New Age beliefs, or about other religious concerns, etc.
These are very legitimate concerns and I want to address them very seriously.
When I let my artistic side out to play (by inserting into my writing a lot of the imagery that I love),
then my playful side also inevitably comes out.
Some people coming to the FAQs are in a worried state, and don't want to see my playful side.
So, be WARNED that this one linked FAQs page will just be black and white, no imagery, no playing around.
I just need to be serious here to deal with people where they are at.  
In the workshop itself I will be letting my artistic and playful parts go berzerko.


F.A.Q.s  Frequently Asked Questions
about the Cosmic Visions Workshop

(just click anywhere on the above two lines to get to the FAQs)