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Dr. Stone Brusca


In our first afternoon together, we will explore some fundamental principles upon which Our Universe is built -- Quantum Mechanics, Energy, and the drive for Emergence.

An extensive website, enriching these topics, will be available to enrolled participants
during the next week;  the website will also introduce specific visualization exercises to deepen our first day's experience.

By the end of the first week, your mind should be experiencing Nature on a whole new level.



Our second afternoon we will explore from Our Earth to Our Observable Universe.

An expanded website, enriching these new topics,
will continue to be available to enrolled participants during the following week.

By the end of the following week, if you've put yourself into this workshop,
you will experience your relationship with Earth and Our Universe beginning to change.


In our third afternoon we broaden our physical exploration beyond Our Observable Universe.  Indeed we will expand it beyond even Our Universe, as we discuss how Universes arise and evolve.    In the second half of this day, we turn to the psychological/spiritual realm and discuss directly how to encourage non-dual experiences in Nature.   Having fed our dual mind and our non-dual mind, we then give our inner child some attention with a Newton's 3rd Law experience.

All this is designed to allow you, if you wish and if you do the needed work, to become a significantly different consciousness walking this planet.
(uhm . . . . you don't believe it's possible, right?  . . . that's ok . . .  you'll see.)



The order of topics, and the classroom time we'll spend on each, is shown below:





Today we will be setting up some fundamental principles of your existence.


Introduction to Our Workshop (~ 25 minutes)



(~15 minutes)




(50 minutes)







The image above is a photo, not an illustration.  I consider it
to be among the most beautiful images we have of natural
 It is a photo of the surface of the
quantum electron clouds
surrounding a dozen atoms!  
(Photo taken by a Scanning Tunneling Microscope.)

Rather than just list this particular workshop topic and go on, I want to pause here.   I am wondering if some folks see all the *other* topics, as they hungrily nod and say to themselves:  "Great, I'll feel the dance of the Sun's Energy around me, I'll feel the rotation of the Earth, I'll feel the emergent organism of Gaia, I'll feel my relationship to the Stars."  But then they see this one topic "The Ground Rules of Physical Reality" and they then say to themselves:  "Oh no, now his physicist side is showing.  He promised us a workshop that would enrich our outings into Nature, but now he is getting into ultra-physicy things like "Quantum Mechanics."  How could being introduced to Quantum Mechanics possibly enrich my experience as I run in the forest, or as I surf?  Why is he spending 45 minutes of our time on this???"

I understand why you might ask this question, it's a valid concern from someone in your position.  So let's not skip over this lightly.  In this workshop you will gain a deep sense of how the physical space of the trees, the Earth, your moving body, and your brain, consist primarily of incredibly beautiful electron clouds -- like the ones you see in the photo above.  Wait until you experience it -- being in Nature will take on a vast, deep, new arena of beauty and awe.  Moving in the forest with this new sense will make your Nature trips into REAL NATURAL *TRIPS*.   I mean something vastly more trippy than Alice in Wonderland.  The remarkable central feature of this adventure is that it is true REALITY -- your culture and your education have left you ignorant of this amazing and wonderful fundamental reality we are immersed in.

Have you all seen the original Matrix movie?  Well, I have very serious news for you . . . – you DO live in a Matrix.  Your society is oblivious to the real physical basis of our existence.  This is no joke – the physical basis of your existence is radically different from anything your society has taught its typical members.  So in our workshop I'll patiently go over Quantum Mechanics, while everyone is screaming (like Neo):  “No Way!  Can this be True?” and blood is running out of their ears.  (If you are interested, in some optional workshop web pages I'll show the incredibly strong experimental evidence -- Quantum Mechanics is the most accurately verified theory in all of the sciences.) You can literally feel your cerebral cortex neurons re-growing in new ways.  That will definitely be at least a Stage 2 Mind-Blowing Experience for you.

Neo awakens to the true physical reality of his existence.

Perhaps before you leave this planet you would also like to awaken to the true physical reality of your existence?

Brace yourself, it's a pretty mind-blowing experience -- it was for Neo, and it will be for you.


Medieval folks were culturally caught in a tight mind-prison, never getting a glimpse of other possibilities of existence.

Each of us, in the 21st century, also find ourselves caught up in our own particular mind-chains caused by the unnecessary restrictions of our culture, or family, or inadequacies of our earlier educations.

This woodcut depicts the Renaissance equivalent of a Cosmic Visions workshop participant, finally breaking out of her/his mind-chains and getting their first glimpse of true physical Reality.


So, are you ready to free yourself from your personal mind chains?  The price of admission is 45 minutes of opening yourself up to a whole new view of Reality.  You will grow a fantastic new array of neural dendrites in your brain, and use this new consciousness to experience your Nature adventures in a way you had never thought possible.

 "You take the blue pill, the story ends,
you wake up in your bed, and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland,
and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes."       





Our earlier image showed what an atom looks like on the outside -- you see the quantum electron cloud.  If we explore deep, deep within the atom, there is the atomic nucleus, containing protons and neutrons.  The movie clip below shows the flow of atomic nuclei in a star (stars are so hot that the nuclei's electron clouds have been torn off).  You are seeing thousands of nuclei streaming by.

In our workshop, you will see how the existence of these nuclei in dying stars' cores is crucial to you being able to walk in the woods here on Earth.  Once you understand why, your interactions on Earth will be forever changed.  You'll see . . .  

We truly live a magical existence.




(~10 minutes)



Now that I've carefully explained why we are going to examine submicroscopic reality, perhaps you are getting an inkling that maybe, just maybe, I am "on your side" -- that I understand that you (and I!) are in this workshop in order to deepen our experiences of the sacred depths of Nature as we move on this beautiful planet.  We are not here to learn physics for physics' sake.  So perhaps you are starting to trust that I won't get into sub-microscopic phenomena, or any other physics, unless it is directly relevant to our explicit goal of going outside and dancing with Nature.

With that trust in mind, I present the rest of our workshop topics without much commentary.  In the few topic titles that follow, I'll be trying here to just give you an inkling of where we are going and how we'll be spending our time.




(~65 minutes)










(~30 minutes)





So many emergent phenomena images flashing through my mind . . . origin of life, ant colonies, slime molds, weather, Gaia, human brain, spiral galaxies . . .  I can't wait to teach you about this amazing, and cutting-edge, topic.  It will crop up repeatedly throughout our workshop, at all levels of physical reality.




Multi-Cellular Life
(~15 minutes)



Human Red Blood Cells.




(~30 minutes)


Our amazing organism, our amazing brain.







The main emphasis of our second afternoon together will be
to move beyond,
to the grand context of our existence.

(~2 hours)

Our Sacred
In Space







I remember the first time, as a child, when I saw this image.  I visibly gasped.  It still tears at my soul to this day.  Do you share this feeling?  Our workshop session on the Earth will strengthen the loving bond we have to this planet, our celestial nest.






(~55 minutes)



WITH THE STARS (day and night)




(~25 minutes)


Have you ever had a great time visiting somewhere because you had an insider with you -- someone who really knew all the best places to see?  I'll cruise you around our galaxy (the herd of stars we reside in) and show you breathtakingly beautiful star nurseries, like the one you see above.  You'll come to understand what a Light Year is and you'll understand scenes like this in terms of Light Years.

And wait until you discover how this scene is intimately connected to you, on Earth, walking through the woods!


5 minutes)

Understanding the Big Picture

that you see

as you "walk under the stars" at night.





(~15 minutes)

Stretch out your mind and imagine this scene -- each of these smudges being an entire galaxy of stars!

We can observe 100 Billion such galaxies as we stare into deep space!





The first half of our third afternoon together will present just how mind-blowingly IMMENSE the realm of physical reality goes.  No matter what you are thinking, be prepared to have your mind pried open considerably more.  




(~40 minutes)


With a few basic concepts, you'll get a taste of what Our Universe is, and the relative size of your body within it.  You can then decide if you want to stay in the dualistic mind, entrapped in your 5 or 6 foot tall skin-boundaries, or whether you'd rather take occasional vacations -- tasting the much vaster existence that you are, but don't-yet-recognize.





The Big Bang (~50 minutes)



You'll get an intro to the headwaters of the Energy that flows through you, the redwoods, the ferns, the sorrel, the trilliums, the ocean waves . . .





(~50 minutes)

Just a brief 50-minute look at the grandest panorama, to comprehend our position in this Big Picture.  It's truly remarkable how being cognizant of this scene deepens a walk in the local redwood forests, or a walk on a beautiful local beach.  Every step feels so unbelievably POIGNANT.

It is truly sacred to be an embodied consciousness nestled in our existential framework, with its many levels of richness.


The second half of our last afternoon will turn to the psychological/spiritual.



(~25 minutes)

Bringing together all we've learned in our workshop --

who we are,

what we are made of,

our place in existence.






Your Left & Right Brains


Fully Functioning Human Being:

(~40 minutes)


rough testing.



(~40 minutes)

Leaving you with clear suggestions from experienced mystics and deep thinkers
about the role you play as a human in this amazingly rich Universe, and how to deepen your experiences.

Whether you immerse yourself in our sacred forests

or feel the power as the big Winter Swells arrive at our rocky shores,


or wherever you love to immerse yourself in Nature,

experiencing your favorite natural scenes will have the potential
to bring you even greater fulfillment.







My consciousness looks forward to interacting with yours, if you so choose.






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